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Webinar Recording - Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Enhancing your Risk Management Strategy (presented by Aléas)

The global pandemic experienced in recent weeks, due to COVID-19, has subjected organizations to significant stress. They have had to adapt to the situation and use their various crisis management tools to limit the impact on their international activities and community members. In some cases deficiencies in crisis management structures have led organizations to improvise and their actors to exhaust themselves.

Following such an event, it is essential to conduct a feedback activity to assess the crisis management effectiveness. Monitoring and evaluating are integral parts of the risk management international standard (ISO 31000). A debriefing activity will allow organizations to ask themselves the right questions to target its strengths and shortcomings while keeping in mind improving existing tools and practices.

Aléas is offering a webinar during which a method and a tool  to conduct an effective debriefing will be presented. Participating organizations will use the Covid-19 example to put the concepts into practice. The proposed method and the supporting tool were developed in collaboration with Jolianne Lequin, Civil Security Advisor at the Quebec Ministry of Public Security. Jolianne Lequin is a risk management professional who provided debriefing sessions with the various municipalities affected by the floods in Quebec.

Learning Objectives:
1. Develop the organizational capacity to conduct a debriefing.
2. Examine the existing practices.
3. Develop recommendations and improvements for crisis management in order to better prepare for future situations.
4. Improve the quality of its international activity safety plan.


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Webinar Recording - Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Enhancing your Risk Management Strategy (presented by Aléas)

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